Monday, September 26, 2016

CD REVIEW: THE BAD FLOWERS (Ep) by The Bad Flowers

THE BAD FLOWERS (Ep) by The Bad Flowers
(Independent Release)

'What an introduction to rising UK power rock trio, The Bad Flowers. A legit old school sound with each song bringing something different to the ear.  The trio is comprised of, Tom Leighton on vocals and guitars, Dale Tonk on bass and Karl Selickis on drums. A tight unit whose chemistry is clearly evident. The band's four song self titled Ep is gritty and powerful. From the lead off rocker, "Can You Feel It" there is no let up as the trio barrel through with with the muscular "City Lights', "Big Country" and finishing off strong with, "Run, Run, Run". The Bad Flowers have that garage and raw rock sound that is just so damn awesome! If you haven't heard this band, this recording will serve as a fine introduction to the trio.  Infectious riffs, original song-writing and contagious vigour. Great music to work out to, to make some love to and for imagining you're in the 70's to. Could be longer, but you know what they say? Always leave them wanting more. A must have for anyone that wants to follow this bands rise, The Bad Flowers, a rock band that respects the past while being in the present.
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, September 23, 2016


NOVA by RavenEye
(Frontier Records)

'Nova' by The UK power rock rock trio known as RavenEye is a highly impressive and powerful debut album. One band that has been on my radar since they released their impressive Ep, 'Breaking Out'.  Comprised of, Oli Brown on vocals/guitar,  Aaron Spiers on bass and Kev Hickman on drums. The trio's big sound and energy is evident from the out-set. Hitting playing is like lighting a stick of dynamite!  From the hard-hitting riffs of "Inside", "Madeline" and "Hero" to the raw sounds of in your face rocker, "Wanna Feel You" and the down and dirty swagger of, "Oh My Love" to the bleak reality of life and death in "Eternity". This debut album will takes you on a journey of defiance, pain, hate, death and, yes, love.  If you want to blow the dust off your speakers this is the album for you. Just make sure you give a heads up to your neighbors because there is only one way to listen to this album and that is, LOUD!  'Nova'  has it all, powerhouse vocals, supercharged guitar riffs, highly charged bass lines and up front hard hitting drums. Its perfectly clear after listening to this album, RavenEye deliver a album that is loud, chock-full of energy and with a little change of pace. Sounds like a band that you'd get into? If you consider yourself a rocker, they are. 'Nova' definitely delivers the goods. RavenEye definitely have their eye on the prize. 
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, September 22, 2016


(Inside Out Music)

For me, Kansas was America's answer to the Prog Rock movement in the UK in the 70's with bands like, Genesis, E.L.P. and The Moody Blues. A progressive rock band with mystical and patriotic tendencies. A band with a hybrid of musical styles if you will. Kansas mixes the genres of hard rock with blues, classical, jazz, country and more. This can be heard throughout their previous classic outings, which brings us to 2016 and the band's latest release, ' The Prelude Implicit'. The band's current line up is made up of, Ronnie Platt - Vocals and Keyboard, Zak Rizvi - Guitar, Richard Williams - Lead Guitar, Billy Greer - Bass and Vocals, David Manion Keyboards, David Ragsdale - Violin and Guitar and Phil Ehart - Drums. I have to say, of all the releases this year this is one that I was looking forward to hearing. So, was I blown away or was I let down? Before I give you my answer. I will say, this is a solidly crafted progressive rock album that happens to be very catchy, while containing an amalgamation of musical styles while still managing to save room for extended instrumental jams. Highlights include, "With This Heart",  the moving "Visibility Zero", "Rhythm In The Spirt", a mystical and dramatic progressive hard rock song at it's finest. The haunting, "Refugee" and the rocking "Camouflage". Overall, a memorable listening experience indeed. Kansas is arguably, in my opinion, is one of the most accessible progressive rock band ever. There is nothing that misses on, 'The Prelude Implicit'.  If you want melodic, dramatic and mystical music, armed with diversity and touches of ambiguity and accessibility, check this album out. Oh, my answer? I was definitely blown a way! 
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


(The End Records)

Formed in the 2000’s in the small town of Ånge in northern Sweden, tAKiDA have been one of Scandinavia’s best-selling rock acts and concert draws over the last decade. The band returns with their latest release, 'A Perfect World'. A album that is laced with great hooks, strong pop sensibility with enough of an edge to knock you off your chair every now and then. Demonstrating just how diverse and talented they truly are. Robert Petterson: Vocals, Mattias Larsson: Guitar, 
Tomas Wallin : Guitar, Fredrik Pålsson : Bass and Kristoffer Söderström : Drums. Among the outstanding standouts tracks are, "Don't Wait Up" "Ill Find My Way Home", the lead off single, "Better" and "Wild Eyes", these tracks are fresh and exciting, filled with zeal and melodic traits that transcend the pure energy contained in each. 'A Perfect World' has a lot to offer to people new to tAKiDA, fans of the indie genre, fans of modern rock music, but you do need to come into it with an open mind. The problem for a band like tAKiDA are fans who hate trying something new, but wouldn't life be boring if everyone always did the same thing. 
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Show review by Bill Rowan, The Dedicated Rocker Society (Photos by: Bill Rowan) 

As I’m cruising over the hill from the Valley, heading out to the Strip, it seemed like another Thursday night in Hollywood. Upon reaching the famous Whisky a Go Go there is a crowd gathering outside as the marquee reads The Dead Daisies. Who are the Dead Daisies you night ask? Well, formed in 2012 across the globe in Australia by a singer from New Zealand and a native Aussie guitar player the band has been a melting pot of musicians from around the world. Now with 3 albums under their belt, the line-up has come to rest upon the band that will be performing tonight.  Along with co-founding Aussie guitarist David Lowy, we have the beast from Jersey on drums Brian Tichy and on bass all the way from San Diego the madman Marco Mendoza. Rounding out the Daisies we have Philly natives John Corabi handling vocals and the flexible fingers of one Doug Aldrich on lead guitar.

 Once inside this historical landmark is when the real magic happens. For a week night with plenty of others things to do in this busy city, it’s packed, hot and sweaty inside as we wait for the arrival of this talented band of musicians. As usual, once you hear the sound system playing the mash up of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, then you know they are about to hit the stage.

When I say hit the stage I mean BAM! Here are a couple of covers for you L.A. First up, “Midnight Moses” the Sensational Alex Harvey Band song from the Daisies 2nd LP,  Revolución, going right into the cover of the Cactus classic “Evil”. There’s no doubt about it, these guys came to conquer. Now it’s time to tackle the new record, with the title track “Make Some Noise” and “Long Way To Go”. And I must say, my heart is feeling the presence of drummer Brian Tichy as he pounds his way through the songs only to be matched by his low end brother Marco on bass. 

Did I tell you who opened the show? It was Steve Rodgers and his acoustic guitar. The son of the great singer from Free/Bad Co. Mr. Paul Rodgers. Let’s say he did his dad proud, especially when he ended his set acapella. Now back to the headliners. Was it a coincidence that the band covered his dad’s song “All Right Now” a day after the birthday of Free guitarist Paul Kossoff? Who knows? It sounded great just the same. To my surprise after the latest gem “All The Same” Marco told us that they were recording tonight. This got the packed house a little more pumped up in the heat of the moment. 

Singer John Corabi played acoustic guitar on “Something I Said” while Doug Aldrich broke out the voice box for their cover of the Who classic, “Join Together”  then segued right into a very underrated song which happened to be their first single, “Lock-n-Load”. I thought maybe Slash would come out and play his very recognizable riff that he played on their first record. Instead it was time to hear a drum solo and this was my first time seeing Brian play in a small club. He did not disappoint, he demolished the drums with both his sticks and his hands. This lead into their rousing rendition of the CCR classic “Fortunate Son”. Another first for me was seeing Doug Aldrich play a BC Rich guitar and Doug was on fire the whole night, no matter what guitar he was playing. 

The band continued to rip through the heat of the night on songs like, “The Last Time I Saw The Sun”, “With You and I” and one of my favorites “A Song and A Prayer”. After introducing the band, things got HEAVY, with “Mainline” and their version of “Helter Skelter”. Wow, what an amazing night of hard rock and what a display of top notch musicians having fun on a Thursday.

For an encore the guys continued their onslaught with “Mexico” and from their latest, “We All Fall Down” only to finish out the set with a cover of the Joe South classic, “Hush”. All in all I must say, there will always be a place for Hard Rock, even on the Sunset Strip in 2016. Thanks to David, John, Doug, Brian and Marco from The Dead Daisies and Chip from Chipster PR.
-Bill Rowan, Dedicated Rocker Society


REACH by Tyketto
(Frontier Records)

After five years of relentless touring that included playing on some of the most prestigious stages on the planet, Tyketto took their revitalized energy in to the studio in the spring of 2016. The result being their powerful latest release, 'Reach'
The sessions took place at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales (Queen, Rush, Oasis). Danny Vaughn – lead vocals, Chris Green - guitar, vocals, Chris Childs - bass guitar, vocals, Ged Rylands (X-TEN/Rage Of Angels) - keyboards, vocals and Michael Clayton Arbeeny - drums, percussion, vocals. This latest offering from Tyketto is a rock solid release front to back.. There's some true epics on here and I have to salute Danny Vaughn  for his remarkable efforts over the years. He is a powerful singer, able to easily add a strong emotional touch with his voice. He's got power and melody, pitch perfect delivery, and with a subtle natural grit and on this release, he delivers the goods. Stand out tracks for me are the title track, the adrenaline induced mover, "Big Money", "Kick Like A Mule", the Survivor-ish, "I Need It Now" and "Tearing Down The Sky", that echoes the 'Forever Young' era of the band. Overall, 'Reach' is a well made album of melodic hard rock. Tyketto continue to push forward amid a music industry devoid of any substance whatsoever provides hope for future generations that hear this music and decide that, while rap and pop songs are really nice, this music just tears that music to shreds. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


HUMAN NATURE by Hardline
(Frontier Records)

I believe if you ask any fan of Hardline, what their favorite release is? They'd more than likely say, the band's debut 'Double Eclipse'. The bar was raised so high after that release that what followed were good, but not great albums. Some saying, including myself, that the band had lost their edge. Maybe due to the numerous line up changes. Well folks, Hardline are back with their latest release, 'Human Nature' and I will say after just one listen the band have found that edge and have released their most powerful recording to date. When I say powerful, I'm talking in your face melodic hard rock that has a serious attitude. Johnny Gioeli – Lead Vocals, Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Josh Ramos - Guitars, Anna Portalupi - Bass and Francesco Jovino - Drums.  All these musicians have an impressive pedigree, but what makes Hardline special is how well their unique and different talents blend together. They definitely came up with the right formula here. Every song on this album is instantly memorable and they all – seriously, there's no filler here – come together perfectly. Highlights include “Where Will We Go From Here,”, "Nobody's Fool" the title track, the monster "World Is Falling Down", in my opinion the heaviest song I've heard from the band and "In The Dead Of Night". If you've enjoyed recent Hardline releases but have wished they'd do something that made you feel the way their debut did, your wait is over.  'Human Nature' is a powerhouse of release from Hardline and is one of the best rock albums 2016 has to offer. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society